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What’s a Walk-away Lease? What’s a Walk-away Lease?

A walk-away lease is an old way of simply saying lease. Also called a “true lease,” or a “closed end” lease, it refers to the type of leased vehicle a lessee turns in when the term is up. Just because low credit makes leasing more difficult, it doesn’t mean getting a walk-away lease is completely out of the picture – you just need to work with the right dealer.

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Can You Lease a Car with Poor Credit? Can You Lease a Car with Poor Credit?

There’s a lot of enticing advertising out there about leasing a car that often draws consumers into local dealerships. If you're a bad credit car buyer, however, you're likely to walk away unable to qualify for the deals you expected. Don't let that end your new car dreams – there are dealers who can work with you, you just have to know where to look.

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