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Using Your Trade-In as a Cap Cost Reduction on a Lease

If there is equity in your current car, you can use this equity as a “cap cost reduction” on a lease. In this situation, you would basically be selling your vehicle to the dealership or leasing company. The money from the sale could then be used as credit toward your monthly lease payments.

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Is Leasing a Good Alternative to Being Underwater in a Car Loan?

New data suggests that some car buyers might come out ahead if they switched over to leasing. However, for buyers with bad credit, this may not an ideal option.

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Leasing a Vehicle vs. Buying a Used Car with Bad Credit

For those who want to drive a new vehicle, leasing is cheaper than buying. And, of course, buying a used car is less expensive than opting for a brand new model. So if you have bad credit and need a vehicle, should you lease new or buy used?

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How Leasing a Car and Lease-to-Own Car Programs are Different

Some dealers advertise lease-to-own programs, and these programs should not be confused with traditional car leasing.

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Should You Return or Buy Your Leased Car?

If you’re thinking of buying your leased car, there are a few factors to consider first. Most importantly, will you get a good deal by purchasing the vehicle?

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Ford Motor Is Testing the Ford Credit Link Pilot Leasing Program

Ford Motor Credit is testing out an innovative method of shared car leasing, and the pilot program is called Ford Credit Link. Will people like it? That’s what they’re currently trying to find out.

Continue Reading » Survey Shows Buyer Interest in Used Car Lease Programs

Car buyers are always looking for affordable buying options, and according to a recent online survey by Swapalease, there are many drivers who would consider leasing a used vehicle.

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