How can you tell if your personal information is secure when you fill out a bad credit car loan? Find out how you can protect your personal information when filling out a loan application.

Identity theft is on the rise

Facts are facts. Here at Auto Credit Express, raising the red flag is really not our style, but it's hard to deny that some web sites are more secure than others. With the proliferation of bad credit car loan web sites, there has been an alarming rise in the number of loan applications that are not secure. The fact is, you could be sending your information over the internet and it could be intercepted and read by someone other than the intended recipient.

What is a secure site?

A secure site will allow you to transmit data in an encrypted format between your browser and the receiving server. SSL (secure socket layer) is a protocol that allows mutual authentication between a client (your computer) and a server (our computer) that establishes a secure (encrypted) connection between the two. Inside this connection between the client and server, the information is scrambled in such a way that it makes it very difficult for a third party to unscramble the information flowing between the two computers.

Auto Credit Express Site Certificate

A secure site can be identified by the padlock icon in the lower right hand corner of the browser. In addition, application sites such as the one found on also have a site certificate that can be viewed by scrolling over the site certificate box.

At Auto Credit Express, we want your information sent securely

We may specialize in bad credit auto loans, but we don't want the bad guys to get it, too. Your credit is hard enough to reestablish without some hacker grabbing it to further ruin your FICO score.

So feel free to visit our site to see the steps that we have taken to make every part of your buying experience safe and secure. Remember, here at Auto Credit Express, we want you securely “on the road” to better credit.