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Auto Loan Questions - Illinois Part 1
Customer questions from the state of Illinois.

Stacey, from East Dundee writes:
I need a car. I have bad credit and my income may be a problem because I only make about $1000 a month.

Stacey, having a low income could affect your ability to get an auto loan. Most finance companies require at least $1500 in gross monthly income. Sometimes people mistakenly input their take home pay instead of their total pay, or don't add their spouse or a co-signer to the application. These things can definitely make a difference when applying for an auto loan. Because there are some options available, let us see what we can do for you, by applying at

Trent, from Skokie writes:
I am currently looking to purchase a larger vehicle. I currently own an '07 Malibu, and currently am ahead on payments. I bought the car for $12,000, and owe about $5,000. I'm looking to spend about $18000-$24000 thousand. I make $2500 a month and pay about $700-800 in bills per month. I feel I have insufficient credit history but am in need of a larger car for my job. What steps should I take next towards purchasing a new car?

Trent, you have a lot of things going on here. The important fact is that you have been paying on an auto loan and keeping it current. Anytime you do that regardless of the amount, or the bank, will create a positive outlook on establishing a good credit history. Let's get an application filled out over on and we can start opening up the opportunities to get you a larger car for your job.

Nathan, from Glen Ellyn writes:
My credit score is in the low 500s and I'm trying to rebuild my credit. I make $1,800 a month after taxes. Im lookin at a $15,000 auto loan. Do you think I can get a loan even with deliquent accounts?

Nathan, you came to the right place. We specialize in helping people rebuild their credit. Since 1998 we have been helping thousands of people every month find auto loans. There are many different programs out there designed to give loans to people with less than perfect credit.

By filling out an application at we'll go right to work for you. We will put you with the right store, with the right banks that have the right loans to fit your situation.