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Bad Credit Car Dealers Hand Picked by Auto Credit Express

Jim from Libertyville writes: How much will my credit score drop if I do a voluntary repossession for a vehicle I simply cannot afford?

Jim, it's hard to say how much your credit score will drop. Whether you're giving the vehicle back to the bank, or the bank is taking the vehicle, its still considered a repossession.

The loan is defaulted, and will reflect a huge negative impact on your credit.

Now that being said, there are still some opportunities out there if you need another vehicle.

We understand that bad things can happen to good people, and there are few institutions out there that are looking to help individuals, like yourself, re-establish credit.

At, we can point you in the right direction.

You can get started today by offsetting that negative credit with a new car loan that fits your needs at Auto Credit Express.

Rose from Hillside writes: I completed an online application, and I have a confirmation number, how many days does it take to get the status of my application I submitted?

The average process time, Rose, is about 24 to 48 hours. Once you apply you will receive a confirmation number and you should be hearing from a friendly neighborhood dealership to help you fulfill your purchasing needs.

If you don't receive a call from a dealership after 48 hours, please check back at, and click "Check Application Status" at the bottom of the page.

Ann Marie from Chicago writes: For bad credit loans, are you able to go to any dealer, or do I have to receive an assigned one from you?

That's a great question Ann Marie. There are so many dealers out there it is hard to distinguish which ones can really help you.

With Auto Credit Express, we've already done the homework in finding the dealers best suited to assist our customers with their purchasing needs.

Because we specialize in helping people with previous credit problems, we have dealerships that can do the same.

We carefully handpick every dealership that is in our network.

Just remember, we've already done all the running around, all you have to do is the driving at an Auto Credit Express dealer.