AAA is coming to the rescue, this time with insurance for owners of Hyundai vehicles that are lately a target for thieves. Hyundai is partnering with the Automobile Association of America (AAA) to provide coverage to owners of the often stolen at-risk vehicles.

Ever since a viral TikTok demonstrated how to steal a Hyundai or Kia which uses a key and doesn't have an immobilizer, some car owners have found themselves being dropped by their insurance companies after claims skyrocketed nationwide in recent months. Now, Hyundai is doing a little damage control by teaming up with the insurer to provide plans for the oft-stolen vehicles.

According to a Hyundai press release, AAA insurers have offered to provide plans and coverage options for affected Hyundai customers by issuing both new and renewal policies for eligible affected customers. AAA provides insurance to drivers in 47 states and will help pick up the slack for some drivers who have found themselves affected by the recent thefts. Consumers can visit to receive a quote.

“We are pleased to collaborate with AAA insurers in the best interest of our shared customers and provide support for those who were having difficulty securing and sustaining auto insurance as a result of the increased criminal activity targeting Hyundai vehicles,” Randy Parker, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, said.

To further help owners of the nearly 4 million affected vehicles, Hyundai has expedited the rollout of their anti-theft software, which prevents vehicles from starting during the method of theft that's become popular. All affected cars are eligible for the free software upgrade at a Hyundai dealership as of the time of writing.

“Our goal is to get every one of these vehicles into a dealership for the free software upgrade,” added Parker.

HyundaiA small group of 2011-2022 vehicles can't accommodate the software upgrade, and Hyundai is stepping in to reimburse those owners for the purchase of steering wheel locks. They are also planning to these customers with the option of reimbursement to offset the purchase of different anti-theft devices, such as alarms. If you're in need of this service you can visit

All Hyundai vehicles produced after November 2021 are equipped with engine immobilizers.

Why Car Insurance Matters

This team-up of Hyundai and AAA is a necessary solution for millions of customers who are finding it difficult to get their vehicles insured after a rash of national thefts. Insurance is a requirement in nearly every state, and you can pay heavy fines for not having it, especially if you're paying on a loan.

Any financed vehicle is required to carry full coverage insurance. Full coverage insurance means that you have some combination of collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance. The amount of coverage you're required to have typically varies by state, and the lender may have their own coverage requirements.

If you don't have the required amount of coverage you could end up with expensive force-placed insurance rolled into your loan, or end up with a default on the loan itself, since one of the requirements of a loan is having full coverage insurance.

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance

As we mentioned above, to have full coverage insurance you have to have a combination of different types of coverage. These are typically:

  • Collision insurance: This covers vehicles that are damaged in a traffic collision, whether you're at fault or not.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This covers damage done to a car from non-accident-related causes such as falling trees, hail, and theft.
  • Liability insurance: If you're at fault in an accident, this covers any property damage that may occur and the medical bills of injured parties.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist: This isn't required in all states. In those that do, it covers damages to you and your vehicle if you're in a collision with a driver who isn't insured, or who doesn't have enough insurance to cover damages.

Once your loan is paid off you're free to drop to a different level of coverage if you choose, depending on what the minimum requirements in your state are. Remember, though, full coverage insurance gives you the most protection if your vehicle is totaled or stolen. Having a lesser amount of coverage means paying more at the time of the incident.

More Car Insurance Advice

It's important to know what's in your insurance policy, so read it carefully when you get it. The more informed you are about your coverage the less likely you are to have surprise charges pop up when you file a claim.

Knowing how much to pay for your insurance is just the beginning. You should also know:

  • Your policy start and end dates
  • When to renew your coverage
  • What's covered in your policy
  • What's not covered in your policy
  • If you have roadside assistance in your policy
  • What happens if your coverage lapses
  • Do you qualify for any discounts

All of these are important information that you should note in case you ever need it in the case of accident or theft.