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Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer: Meghan Carbary

Meghan Carbary has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years. A published journalist in three states, Meghan honed her skills as a feature writer and sports editor. She has now expanded her skill set into the automotive industry as a content writer for Auto Credit Express, where she contributes to several automotive and auto finance blogs.

Articles Posted by Meghan

Beware of Phantom Debt Scams Beware of Phantom Debt Scams

Are you being haunted by phantom debt? It can be frightening to be on these scammers’ radar, but unfortunately these scams have become quite common. If you’ve been the victim of phantom debt scams, or any scheme that has left your credit in a lurch, fear not.

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Subprime Loan Approval is No Guarantee Subprime Loan Approval is No Guarantee

Every year, subprime loans provide a ray of light for millions of consumers with less than perfect credit. However, they still have strict guidelines to be met for approval, and aren’t guaranteed to work for every potential borrower. If your ducks are in a row and you’re ready to begin the process of financing your next vehicle, this is a great place to start.

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