Nationwide, auto thefts have certainly dwindled as newer vehicles use always improving, high-tech anti-theft devices that make it a lot more difficult to steal them. Incidentally though, officials have seen more stolen auto parts such as rims, tires, DVD players and GPS systems. Thieves will often find another way to accomplish their task when they are thwarted.

How to Protect from Theft and Vandals

Auto Thefts Have Declined - Or Have They?

Since Auto Credit Express just helped you purchase your automobile using a bad credit auto loan, we want to help you protect your invested assets so you can get the most out of them. Below we've listed a few tips to keep you and your car, truck or SUV safe.

  • Park in well lit areas
    It's harder to steal or vandalize a car if you can be easily seen by a passerby.
  • Used secured parking if it's available
    We all complain about the fees that a parking garage may charge, but in the long run, it's cheaper than replacing a broken in to vehicle.
  • Keep a list of accessories you may have in your car
    Making the police report can be stressful and emotional. By keeping a list of any valuables that are in or on your automobile, you won't have to worry about forgetting something that was stolen.
  • Make sure your insurance is up to date
    Your insurance may be able to cover parts if not all of the damage that a theft can cause. However if you don't have any or haven't paid it recently, you may be out of luck.

As We See It

Unfortunately there is no real way of being 100% ready or prepared for something like this to happen. If worse comes to worse and you have to replace your entire vehicle, don't hesitate to turn to Auto Credit Express for help for your second chance. We work with a nationwide network of dealers and can find the best one in your local area.

Simply complete our quick and easy online application and one of our professionals will contact you soon. Apply today and we'll help find the financing you need for the car that you want.