Having a job is one of the many things that you should feel privileged to have. Many people today are constantly on the job hunt, even with a high education degree. It's important to take your job seriously no matter where you work. Your job now, all though you might dread it, can reflect you on your next job. Here are our Do's and Don'ts of work.


Do's and Don'ts of the Workplace

  1. Be Punctual - You may have heard the phrase before, "Time is Money." Our jobs, depending on what the service is, most likely work in a certain time frame to ensure the service provided to our customers. By being late, you are not only putting yourself behind on the workload, but also your workplace.
  2. Learn more about your Company - It's always good to learn more about the company you work for. Taking the initiative to learn more shows your employer that you are interested
  3. Be Productive - Get your work done. Being a strong worker shows that you do want to contribute your workplace's success.
  4. Have a Positive Attitude - Going to work with positive energy benefits you and your team. No one wants to work around negativity; negative energy only gets bigger with extra company which can end up causing drama. (See Don't: # 4)
  5. Meet Deadlines - Similar to being punctual, your work is affected when deadlines aren't met. Things have to get pushed back which ends up losing money; hence, "Time is Money."


  1. Use Profanity - It's not cool, and it's certainly not professional.
  2. Be a Jerk - This is probably one of the most important Don'ts of work etiquette. Being professional doesn't mean you have to be everyone's best friend, but it does mean that you have to respect one another in a professional manner. There will be some people who you do not agree with, but you must always respect everyone's differences.
  3. Wear your Pajamas - It's important to dress for your job. The way you dress for work is the way you want to be treated. A lot of companies have reputations and by dressing sloppy, it decreases the appearance of the workplace.
  4. Gossip - Just don't. This is work. If there is a problem that you might have with someone else, bring it to your HR, not to other co-workers. That alone could get you terminated.
  5. Be Closed minded - Some of the best results come from bad ideas. It all starts somewhere, and by being closed minded, you are restricting yourself or your team from growing.

It's important to have good business ethics. At Auto Credit Express, we help people everyday who fell on hard times because they lost their jobs. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people; but with these tips, you can be on good terms with both your boss and co-workers which can be of great importance down the road.