If you are like most people, the last few years have definitely taken a toll on your finances. Having bad credit scores seems to be a continuing issue for many consumers even though the recession has ended. Our goal here is to help you improve you financial situation as much as we possibly can. In the meantime, if you need to buy a car but have low credit scores, we can help you with that right now.

Tips For Getting A Good Credit Score For a Car Loan

Huffington Post recently released an article with five ways to improve your credit. Usually it can take years to repair low or bad credit scores. The only guaranteed way to improve your credit is to keep your report clean until the negative marks expire. But with these tips you can begin to repair your credit today!

  1. Make Payments On-Time
    On-time payments and staying under your limit will help cleanup your record from here on out.
  2. Keep Your Credit Cards
    Canceling your cards can actually cause your score to go down. But you can lower your limits and keep making payments.
  3. Communicate with Your Lenders
    Many lenders are willing to work with you to pay off any debts.
  4. Use a Secured Credit Card
    You can get a secured card no matter how bad your credit is because you provide a down payment to cover your charges. Make sure you use a lender that reports to all three credit bureaus.
  5. Check Your Report
    You want to make sure to check your report on a regular basis to protect your self from any errors and also from identity theft!

As We See It

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the best ways to improve your credit score. Here at Auto Credit Express bad credit, low credit, even no credit is not an issue at all. Just fill out our easy online application and one of our friendly representatives will find you a local dealer in your area that will assist you. Apply today and begin the auto financing process.