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What a Branded Title Means on a Car

We know that even though special finance subprime car lenders won’t lend money for a used car with a branded title doesn’t mean unsuspecting buyers won’t find themselves making payments on a car loan for one of these vehicles.

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How Much will a Car Loan Cost Me

Used car buyers, in particular those with credit issues, have been shown to be easy targets for unscrupulous sellers hoping to unload used cars that are either rebuilt or have suffered some other type of damage.

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More Credit Resolutions for 2010

Last year the TrueCredit division of TransUnion offered five ways in which consumers could improve their credit scores that are still applicable this year.

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Rebuilding Your Credit

In addition to a bad credit car loan there are other ways in which you can begin to rebuild your credit and raise your credit score.

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Bad Credit Car Loans and Your Credit Report

The type of bad credit you have is as important as your FICO score if you are applying for a subprime car loan.

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