We slice and dice a list of The 10 Best Family Cars of 2015 from Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com to end up with two vehicles that might work for families that have experienced credit issues

Balancing new cars and poor credit

Credit-challenged car buyers can find the going difficult when it comes to financing a family vehicle. It can be particularly daunting if they're approved for, and decide to choose, a new car.

That's why we believe the latest "Best" vehicle list from Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com seems so timely.

"The car is an extension of home for a family – the place where days are rehashed, on-the-go meals are eaten, and quality time is shared," says Parents Editor-in-Chief Dana Points. "It's important that parents feel comforted by their car's safety features and performance and are confident on the road."

This year's list is comprised of 10 vehicles including one minivan, one station wagon, one mid-size crossover SUV, two full-size crossover SUVs, two mid-size sedans as well as one compact and one subcompact car.

Most vehicles on the list are too costly for buyers looking for a poor credit auto loan when you factor in the interest rates charged by high-risk lenders. Fortunately, the subcompact and compact cars on their list may be affordable for at least some buyers.

Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com 10 Best Family Cars of 2015

Budget Cars

  • 2015 Honda Fit - starting price $16,470
  • 2015 Mazda Mazda 3 - starting price $17,765

The Bottom Line

Both of these vehicles not only represent a good value but also have a starting MSRP of under $18,000 – a fact of particular importance to borrowers with bad credit.

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