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Year-End Incentives are Threatening Car Companies Profits

Looking for a new car for the New Year? You can take advantage of the large year-end incentives being offered by most of the car companies.

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Are Hybrid Cars Safe For Emergency Responders?

So you want to save the environment and go green with your new hybrid car? Well, they’re safe for the planet, but are they safe for you or emergency responders in a car crash?

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Bad Credit Car Loans and New Authorized User Rules

New credit report practices have again changed the rules regarding authorized users on credit card accounts.

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Americans Could Use a Crash Course in Financial Basics

The latest survey from the TrueCredit division of TransUnion finds that many Americans need to learn more about the financial basics that includes both credit reports and credit scores.

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New Credit Scoring Model May Help Students Obtain Loans

A new credit scoring tool released by People Capital may provide a better measure of the creditworthiness of students.

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What Caught You by Surprise in 2008

The folks at TrueCredit were wondering the same thing so they commissioned a survey to see what caught Americans by surprise in 2008.

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The Financial Rescue Package and Car Loans

Recent comments made by White House spokesperson Dana Perino at a press conference today indicate that the captive finance companies of the domestic automakers could apply for aid from the financial rescue package passed by Congress on October 3rd.

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