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How Poor Credit Financing Works

It has been our experience that consumers with bruised credit often don’t understand why it can be difficult finding the right kinds of lenders when it comes time to apply for an auto loan.

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Good News for Car Loans with Low Credit Score

Car buyers suffering from poor credit that rely on auto loans should be cheered by additional information found in the latest quarterly report from Experian Automotive.

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Applying for Poor Credit Loans from Mobile Devices

From what we have learned, car buyers with problem credit don’t always have the time to apply for an auto loan either from work or at home.

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Avoiding Credit Repair Identity Theft

Here at Auto Credit Express we find ourselves reminding applicants with problem credit that the internet is not always the safest place to be – especially if they qualify for a car loan.

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You Can Buy a Car with Problem Credit

By the time these applicants get to us, the first question most of them ask is “Can I buy a car with bad credit?” The answer, provided they meet income, debt and down payment requirements, is usually “yes.”

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Car Leasing with Poor Credit

Consumers with bad credit often either don’t know the different types of credit scores, what these numbers mean or even what their credit scores or even what they are before applying for an auto loan.

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The Chances of Getting a Car Loan with Self Employment Income

Car buyers with problem credit that are self employed should be aware of the problems they may encounter when applying for a car loan.

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