The New Year in California rang in many new DMV laws that will affect motorists. One such law creates the DMV vehicle registration pilot program. What exactly does this mean you ask? Well it's really quite simple. Through this program the DMV of California will be experimenting with new ways to show registration. This is in an effort to find a cost effective way of registering your vehicle without the metal plate, papers and stickers. A popular interest is in the electronic license plate.

What is it?

Electronic License Plate

The electronic license plate is very likely part of your vehicle's future no matter where you live. They work very similarly to products such as the popular products Kindle and Nook. It can serve many purposes which is why it can save so much money and time. First of all, it's expected that you could simply call or go online to re-register your car when it comes time.

One simple update from the DMV's mainframe would update your plate's electrophoretic display, or e-ink, and you can continue on your with your day. You wouldn't need to cake on more stickers or stand in a long line just to register your car, truck or SUV.

The electronic plate could also serve in ways that license plates today simply can't. However since these are still in the early stages, it's unclear how the plates may or may not be used in the future. Here are just a few features they could possibly have.

  • The plates could possibly tell other drivers that the vehicle you're driving is stolen. There have been some concerns about this feature and whether or not it could be hacked.
  • If you're doing something wrong, such as speeding, the plates will flash and alert other drivers.
  • They could also have a nearly endless supply source to power them. Resources such as solar power and kinetic energy would insure your plate is in the 'on' position always.

As We See It

Electronics are the way of the future. In your home, your cars, and now even your license plates. If you're still driving the beat up vehicle that you've had for a long time now, consider that now may be the right time for you get with the flow! At Auto Credit Express we work with multiple finance companies for bad credit auto loans that are ready and willing to finance you despite what your credit history may be. Apply today using our quick and easy online application and you'll see that buying a car and improving your credit can happen as quickly as the electronic plates can change your registration.