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Buying a new car can be daunting, but the process becomes even more so if you suffer from bad credit. You might find yourself wincing as soon as the dealer starts to run your credit, or you might feel so intimidated that you decide not to even bother requesting a loan.

Pay Off Your Car Faster

There are a few factors that come into play when determining the details of your auto loan. These factors are the interest rate on the loan, the length of your loan and how much you borrow. If you pay your loan off in five years, you'll pay less in interest than someone who pays off a loan in eight years. Some buy here pay here dealers will even let you pay a little more each month to pay off your loan faster without charging you a fee, but this depends entirely on the contract that you've signed.

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Choose Your Payment Methods

Many dealerships base your monthly due date on when you receive your loan. If you sign the paperwork on the 15th of the month, your loan is due every month by that date. Other bad credit car dealerships require that you pay your loan at the beginning of each month, which means that even if you sign the paperwork towards the end of the previous month, your first payment is still due on the 1st of the next month -- you only get a few days before the payment is due. Buy here pay here lots give you more options when it comes to payments. Your due dates will be based on your pay schedule, and can be weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Trade In Options

You can reduce the amount you owe on your new car by trading in your old car. There's no need to keep a car around that you'll never use or one that barely runs, so why not make the most of it? You can use its value as a portion of the down payment on your new car, or in some cases, it may even cover the entire required amount. Reputable Dallas lots will give you top dollar on your old car and let you leave in a much better vehicle.

A Variety of Cars to Choose From

These lots get their cars from dozens of different sources, and as the stock changes, you'll find dozens of cars that meet your needs. Whether you need a stable and reliable vehicle for travelling with your family, or you want something to get you to and from work, you can find a reliable car. Buy here pay here lots can help you choose a car based on your income and needs.

More Financing Options

Dallas-Ft. Worth buy here pay here lots understand that shopping for a car isn't a one size fits all type of process. They offer special financing for those with bad credit, financing for active or retired military personnel and even special programs for those who filed for bankruptcy. They will look at your situation and determine which financing plan is best for you.

Find a Car That Fits You

It's far too easy to find the car of your dreams, only to discover that you can't afford it. This is why dealers at buy here pay here car lots sit down with you to determine what you can afford before you even go out on that first test drive. From there, it's easy to figure out what cars on the lot you can choose from and which car you should take home. How can you get started with this process? It is as simple as filling out the secure loan request form right here at Auto Credit Express.

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