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What is a BHPH Dealership?

Buy here pay here (BHPH) dealerships are car lots that finance auto loans in house. Since car buyers with poor credit often find it difficult to get approved for an auto loan, they may find themselves looking into a BHPH dealership.

How Do Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Work?

Different from traditional dealers, BHPH dealerships finance their vehicles in house. This means that the process of buying a car and taking out a loan is done under one roof. BHPH dealers typically aren't affiliated with banks, credit unions, or third-party lenders. To get approved for financing, you'll need to visit a BHPH dealer in person.

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Benefits of BHPH Car Lots

If you're still on the fence about financing through a BHPH car lot, you should know that even though you may not be able to improve your credit, there are two big benefits to these types of dealers:

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BHPH Dealerships are Different than Traditional Dealers

Buy here pay here dealers are different than traditional dealerships, and can be helpful for people who are struggling with credit issues. BHPH dealerships can be a great option if you've been turned down for a traditional or subprime car loan, and you typically don't have to wait long for an approval if you find it to be the best choice for you.

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Can You Trade in a Buy Here Pay Here Car?

You can trade in a buy here pay here vehicle much like if you had financed it from a bank, credit union, or other lending company, but how this process works depends on what you still owe on the loan compared to your car's value.

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