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Whether you filed for bankruptcy years ago, you missed some payments on your college credit cards or you were unemployed for several years, those problems on your credit report continue to follow you around. Some lenders like to prey on people who have these problems, and they might make you think that they are the only ones who can possibly help you buy the car that you need. As one of the best Atlanta in-house auto financing companies, we want you to know that real help is right around the corner.

Get a Pre-Approval

Atlanta GA In House Financing How many times have you found the car of your dreams, taken one look at the price tag and realized that you could never afford it? How many times have you applied for a car loan and received a rejection because the loan payments were too high for your budget? We know that these problems plague millions of people living in Atlanta, which is why we ask that you get pre-approved with us first. We can help you understand your finances and get you an estimate of how much you can spend based on your income. You will then be placed with the best local dealership that can accommodate your budget and needs.

How Do I Request a Loan?

Finding time to request a loan is usually a pain. You need to take off work early, go in late or sacrifice your lunch hour to meet with a loan officer at your bank. We know that your time is precious, and we realize that you would rather spend time with your family than deal with a loan officer. That is why we offer an online loan requests right here at Auto Credit Express. Requesting a loan on your computer or phone while the kids are asleep, when you have a few minutes free at work or even before you go to bed at night. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know if you qualify for a guaranteed approval and what steps you need to take next.

Does the Loan Improve My Credit?

Taking out a car loan is a simple way to improve your credit. Did you know that every timely payment you make on a bill will increase your credit score by a few points? While missed payments and late payments will drop your credit score, the payments you make on time will increase your score. This means that if you make two car payments each month, both payments will count towards your credit score. By the time you pay off your car loan, you might find that you've jumped from bad credit to average credit, or you may even have achieved good credit. Just make sure that if you are working with an in-house financing dealership, your payments are being regularly reported.

Can I Trade In My Old Car?

You absolutely can trade in your old car when you take out a loan from an in-house auto financing company. With so many people driving through Atlanta every day, you never know what types of cars you might find at our affiliated dealerships. We have everything from older classic and vintage cars to newer, luxury sedans. Many people find themselves working for the government and transferring to new locations across the country, and these people often sell their barely used cars before they leave. You'll find great cars at great prices when you stop by these lots.

What Type of Financing is Available?

A large number of people living in Atlanta, Georgia work for the government and the military, and we offer these buyers special military financing options. Even if you've enlisted, moved to DC and discovered that you might ship out to a new location in the next few months, you can still qualify for a loan. We also provide special loans for retired military personnel who've served our country in the past. Those with bad credit and those with bankruptcies and foreclosures on their record know that our financing options are far better than the financing options offered by traditional banks and lenders.

How Do I Make Payments?

Once you apply for a loan, your approval has been finalized, and your car has been purchased, you can make your loan payments in a number of different ways. Many people choose to mail their payments into the dealership, while others like to stop by and drop off their payments in person. Your specific available options will, of course, vary depending on the dealership. At Auto Credit Express, starting the car buying process is as easy as filling out our loan request form.
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