Auto Loan Rates Bad Credit 500 Down

Auto Loan Rates - Good Versus Bad Credit, with $500 Down

The first thing that you should do before signing an auto loan agreement is ensure that the interest rate on it is the best you can qualify for. Since the rate is based largely on your credit history, it is important to have a good credit score in order to get a lower rate.

Why Make a Down Payment?

A down payment reduces the amount of money you need to borrow, thereby lowering the amount of your monthly payments. Without one, you are not only paying more per month, but paying more in interest rates too. If you have damaged credit, the lender will see you as a high risk borrower, and a down payment will give them greater incentive to approve you for alow credit auto loan. It shows the lender that you're serious. And in some cases, just a $500 down payment will be enough to help get you approved for a loan.

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Good Credit vs. Bad Credit

An auto loan is about more than just a down payment, it's about your credit as well. The lowest credit score that anyone can have is 300, while the highest credit score a person can have is 850. This score is a rare achievement, as very few people have "perfect credit," which is why most lenders typically view a score of 720 or above as excellent. Scores that range from 720 to 690 are considered good, while anywhere between 689 to 620 is seen as an average score, and may indicate that you have had a few problems making payments in the past. When you get below 620, that's when you begin to have major issues. This is when you have bad credit.

How Your Credit Affects Your Auto Loan

When you have bad credit, it will have an effect on your auto loan options. You'll find that many lenders will deny yourloan requestimmediately and refuse to work with you. This is when you will need to explore bad credit auto loan options. These options generally involve dealers and lenders for people with damaged credit who specialize in working with those who have filed for bankruptcy, have gone through foreclosure, or have damaged credit for any other reason. With damaged credit, you may still have opportunities to get loan approval for affordable and durable cars, and be offered solutions to help you repair your credit.

Repairing Your Credit

When people experience problems with their credit, some may have a tendency to just leave it alone because they have no idea where to begin repairing it. Unfortunately, leaving it alone won't make it go away, so you really need to make the effort to get back on track by paying back any debts you owe. You can do this by working out payment plans with your creditors. Also, the right car loan can help when you need to repair your credit. How? Because Auto Credit Express works with lenders that will report all of your payments, and those consistent, on-time payments will serve to gradually rebuild your credit history.

How to Get Started

We know that bad things happen to good people, and you deserve to get on the road towards a better credit future. Auto Credit Express will help you find the best credit repair options while getting you moving in a vehicle you can afford. The loan request form process is easy and fast. Start day or night, whenever the time is right for you. Here at Auto Credit Express, we are always ready to help.

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