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Are you looking for an auto loan in Dallas? Many dealerships specialize in providing bad credit auto loans and financing for people who have previously filed for bankruptcy. When working with a dealership, you should be aware that the dealer will check your credit score.

The Loan Request Form

Typically, our dealers will inspect your credit report, ask for proof of income and add up your other monthly expenses before offering you a loan. This is to prevent you from signing on to a payment plan that you can't really afford. Rest assured that anauto dealership that offers bad credit financingwon't necessarily let a tarnished credit report stand in the way of your approval. Dealers like the ones in our trusted network are special finance experts and will work with you and your unique credit situation.

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The Down Payment

Some bankers insist that you make a down payment that is equal to 20-30 percent of a car's value, but a dealership that offers in-house financing will require a maximum initial payment of $1,000 or 10% of the vehicle's price for most loans.

Additionally, some dealers lower the expected down payment if you agree to a slightly higher interest rate or accept a duration that is convenient for the dealership.

Trading Your Vehicle In

Some dealers will attempt to give you less money for your trade and provide a lower price for the car that you want in order to give you the impression that you're getting a great deal, but that does not happen with our dealerships.

When preparing to trade your old automobile for a different vehicle, you should offer to sell your car to a dealership that offers you its actual trade-in value.


If you want assurance that you can get the loan that you desire before even walking into the dealership, you can start online right here at Auto Credit Express. Online visitors can find a loan by providing their monthly income to secure pre-approval that will last for 30 days.

The Condition

You should take any vehicle that you're considering to a trusted, independent mechanic for an inspection. The auto repair shop should provide a written evaluation of the automobile's overall condition and guarantee that the shop's mechanics will perform any repairs for free if the technicians fail to detect certain mechanical or electrical issues.

The Rate

The interest rate of a loan acquired through one of our bad credit auto dealers depends on the car's total value, the amount of the down payment and your total, monthly income.

Auto Insurance

Before giving you a loan, most dealerships require you to obtain auto insurance and provide proof of your coverage.

You can get a free car insurance quote online, and after customizing your policy, the majority of insurance companies will allow you to sign up for the insurance package online and to instantly print your new insurance cards.

Although most states have relatively low minimum insurance requirements, you should select exceptionally high levels of personal liability coverage and property damage liability coverage to ensure that you never have to pay any of the costs of an accident out of pocket.

Many auto insurance providers also offer countless extra features for free, and some of these include 24/7 roadside assistance, the ability to alter your policy at any time online and a free extended auto warranty.

Considering A Lease

Although choosing to lease an automobile allows you to trade in the vehicle for a new car at any time (with a possible fee), the down payment for a lease is almost always equal to at least 20 percent of the automobile's value.

Additionally, a dealership typically will charge a fee of up to 40 cents per mile if you exceed the mileage limit.

Terms And Conditions

You should make sure that the conditions of the financing allow you to have an affordable payment, pay a reasonable interest rate and have a loan duration that is not long enough to allow negative equity to get out of hand.

A Service Plan

When signing up for auto loan financing, you can obtain a service plan that covers all types of routine maintenance and most major repairs.

Some dealerships will have their in-house mechanics perform any repairs that the plan covers, but if you're permitted to take the vehicle to an independent auto repair shop, you should make sure that the dealer will pay the other business directly instead of reimbursing you at a later date.

The Tires

Did you know that tires that are slightly low on air can substantially reduce the number of miles that your car gets per gallon of gas? Additionally, imbalanced tires negatively affect your automobile's struts, suspension and axles.

You should ensure that the service package covers the replacement of tires, periodic rotations, adding air and balancing the tires.

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Improving Your Credit Score

Your credit score will begin to rise as soon as you make your first payment, and after three months, your credit score will likely have risen by at least 35 points.

In addition to placing value on making payments on time, the three major credit bureaus place enormous importance on the age of your accounts. Once you have an account with the dealership for three years, your credit score will skyrocket.


If you are searching for a loan to refinance a vehicle that you already own, the sales representatives will thoroughly inspect the automobile to determine its overall value and provide a loan that is equal to that value.

Loans for refinancing do not typically require a down payment, and the dealer will likely ask to view your old loan's contract to ensure that the interest rate and your monthly payments will be substantially lower.

The Payment Schedule

When you are being provided financing by a dealership, the duration of the loan is going to directly affect your monthly payments and could possibly affect your interest rate as well.

Many factors are going to affect your Dallas auto loan, but if you want to know you are getting the best deal possible, then you should start here, right now at, where we are experts in helping those with damaged credit get the auto loan they need.