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Credit Card Car Buying: Is it Good to Pay with Plastic? Credit Card Car Buying: Is it Good to Pay with Plastic?

With each passing year, new technology and generational demand see people leaning toward a preference to pay for everything with credit cards. This is great because you can use them to purchase anything, including a car, and worry about paying later, right? Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is no. Even though more and more dealers are accepting credit cards, it is often only for a small portion of your vehicle purchase, generally only up to $5,000.

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Craigslist Auto Sales Scam Craigslist Auto Sales Scam

Credit-challenged consumers who want to cash in their current vehicle might want to consider doing so at a dealership as opposed to a website like Craigslist. Even though they might not get top dollar for it, the extra money might not be worth the hassle or the chance of becoming involved in a car buying scam.

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Fast Track to Your Next Car Fast Track to Your Next Car

Robert had never heard of Auto Credit Express when he stumbled upon our site late one night, searching for auto financing. He knew his credit wasn't great, so walking into any dealership and picking out any car was not an option. And he didn't have enough saved up to purchase a car from a private seller. It's no wonder he was starting to lose faith in his chances of getting a car, that is, until that night.

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