Comparing lenders that offer terrible credit auto loans can be hard to do

Why we understand

Car shoppers who are credit-challenged usually have a difficult time locating lenders that offer bad credit auto loans.

We should know because for the last two decades many of us here have been involved in bad credit auto sales here at Auto Credit Express.

We even created our own web site that outlines the bad credit car loan process so applicants can avoid a tote the note dealer while those getting approved auto loans can avoid the poor choices that can lead to repossession.

But if you have to have transportation or you need to establish your car credit, how do go about finding a lender that offers approved auto loans to people with poor credit?

Credit scores

For individuals with good credit, which means a FICO score in the neighborhood of at least 640 or more, checking rates online and shopping around to banks and credit unions is usually the best way to find the lender with the best interest rate.

But if your credit score falls below 640 or if you have a limited credit history and no co-signer, the issues of finding a lender and getting an approval are more difficult.

There are over 30 national or regional lenders that offer a poor credit car loans and their lending requirements can vary widely.

The biggest issue for poor credit buyers, however, is that practically all these financial institutions only loan indirectly. In order to request a credit decision, you'll have to submit an application through a franchised new car dealer that has signed up with them.

Finding a dealer

You can try calling around, but chances are most dealers will tell you to stop by and fill out an application in person. If you do that might get lucky and get approved, but if you don't it can be both embarrassing and a total waste of your time.

But you do have another option.

Most of our applicants have found that the easiest to locate one of these dealers is to go to a bad credit web site such as ours at

On our site you'll find a resource section that includes informative videos as well as a number of auto loan calculators that will walk you through both the screening and the application process.

When to start

Auto Credit Express has helped thousands of applicants buy cars and establish their car credit through a network of affiliate dealers that specialize in approved auto loans for people with bad credit.

So if you're determined to get your auto credit back on track, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.