Most dealerships are hesitant to accept a trade-in sight unseen. While the pandemic has changed how some dealerships handle some services, the trade-in process is still typically conducted at the dealership.

Trade-In Process

As a general rule of thumb, don’t expect a dealer to pick up your trade-in and give you an offer on the spot at your residence.

Does the Dealership Pick Up the Car if You Trade In?They typically use online valuation services, require a test-drive, and possibly have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic before they consider giving you an offer. Trade-ins are almost always prepped to be sold as used cars on dealer lots, and they need to see if accepting your vehicle is a good investment – which usually means an in-depth evaluation of your car.

However, you may be able to get an over-the-phone estimate from some dealerships. Expect them to ask some basic questions about your vehicle, such as its make/model, year, mileage, and overall condition, they’re also likely to ask if it needs any immediate repairs. Even with all this information, the dealer will probably still ask you to bring the car to them so they can get a closer look.

But I Need My Car Picked Up!

If your trade-in doesn’t run anymore and that’s why you need pick-up services, then consider a company that can pick up your vehicle and pays you cash for it. This usually involves filling out a form where you enter in your vehicle’s information, and if you accept the offer, you choose a date and time you need the car picked up, then you get paid! Check out our trusted partner for more information about this type of service.

Some junk/scrap yards may be willing to pick up your vehicle as well, but expect them to take some money off your offer to do so.

Another option you could consider is towing your car to the dealership. If it doesn’t run and you really want to make a deal with a specific dealership, shelling out a little extra cash for a tow may be worth it. Most towing companies price by the mile, and typically have a minimum fee. If you’re relatively close to the dealership you want to work with, it may be worth it. Or, look for a dealership that's running a push, pull, or drag special where they take trade-ins in any condition.

Dealerships With Bad Credit Resources

Finding a dealer that can take in your trade-in may be pretty easy, since most are more than willing to take them, but you typically have to get them there yourself. Not every dealership is equipped with subprime lenders that assist bad credit borrowers, though. While you may be able to locate a dealer that can take your used vehicle, finding one that can extend your vehicle financing can be tough if you have bad credit.

There are special finance dealerships out there – you just have to know where to look. Or, skip the search and start with us at Auto Credit Express. We’ve created a network of dealers that help bad credit borrowers get the vehicle they need. Begin by filling out our auto loan request form – it’s secure, completely free, and carries no obligation.

Take the hassle out of finding a dealership that can help with your credit situation, and we’ll do the hard work of looking for the resources you need.