Although you may not be using your car as much these days as a result of the coronavirus, it’s still important to maintain it. If you don’t, you may find that it won’t run as well or at all when you start driving again!

Cars Don’t Like Stay-at-Home Orders Either

Many of us may feel cooped up during the COVID-19 pandemic, since most states have enacted stay-at-home orders to help stop the spread of the virus.

However, while date night may be canceled for the foreseeable future, oil change appointments shouldn’t be. Even though you’re not tacking on miles, your vehicle still needs TLC while it sits idle.

It’s simple and easy to keep your car maintained and in tip-top shape during a quarantine – most of these items take little effort on your part.

Start Your Vehicle Regularly

Car mechanics recommend that you start your vehicle at least once a week if you’re not driving it. This keeps fluids and oil from going bad, runs everything through your engine, and keeps everything lubricated.

Check your gas tank as well, since an empty tank can lead to moisture buildup. Corrosion is no good and can lead to costly repairs.

Additionally, if your car sits in one place for too long, the tires can develop flat spots. This can mean flat and damaged tires down the line, which can be expensive to replace.

Starting your vehicle and driving it around for a bit is also a good way to keep your battery charged. Since many cars have computers that constantly drain the battery, it loses its charge over time.

So, enjoy a little drive around the neighborhood and shake off some cabin fever – all while keeping your vehicle’s battery healthy, and avoiding the development of flat spots on tires.

Check Your Car's Oil

Maintaining Your Car During CoronavirusWhile you may not be driving as much, the oil in your vehicle still needs to be checked. Instead of changing your oil based on how many miles you’ve driven, change it according to the recommended time frame suggested in your car’s owner’s manual. Oil can deteriorate from fluctuating temperatures, as well, even when you’re not driving.

If your oil needs to be changed, many states have designated dealership service centers as essential businesses. If you can’t change the oil yourself, call your local dealer to see if their service center is still open. Look for a service center that allows you to stay in your vehicle while it's being serviced, so you can continue to practice social distancing.

Clean Your Vehicle

If you haven’t taken your car out recently, this doesn’t mean no one has been in it. Animals may have taken refuge in your idle vehicle!

Check in and around your car for critters who could have made a nest. Look closely, because some animals can chew through wires and belts. To avoid creatures taking over your vehicle, clean out any trash or food that you may have left in the cabin since your last outing.

Also, if your car is parked outside, consider investing in a car cover. Constant exposure to sunlight can mean damage to the vehicle’s exterior, and possibly the interior. And before you lock it away, give it a good wash and dry. Water and animal droppings that are left on the paint can cause damage, too.

Stay Home and Research

By keeping up on your car’s maintenance throughout the coronavirus lockdown orders, you can avoid getting into it once this is over and find a dead battery, flat tires, or chewed-through wires. You can also take this time to research your next vehicle, as well!

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