It doesn't matter where you go - newspapers, Facebook, e-mail, even your own phone - can all be invaded by deceptive people who are looking to gain from your naivety. Part of being financially responsible is to take the time to consider if something is fact or fraud. One good way to keep up to date on the latest scams is by checking official sites that combat them.

Be Informed, Not a Victim

Where Can I Go to Know the Latest Scams?

Do you know <ahref="">how to identify an online scam when you see one? All too often, people do not realize they have been an unfortunate victim of a con until the damage is done and their money is gone. Or worse, you find out when you go to apply for a new line of credit such as an auto loan and then are unexpectedly declined because someone stole your identity. Anyone can be a victim of a scam, so you should be cautious with your financial activities and anything else that requires personal information. A great way to stay on top of things is to occasionally check up on the latest frauds that are going around.

  1. The FBI
    Since it's their job to catch the bad guys, law enforcement such as the FBI will have good and correct insight on the latest scams that have made it around. Their section involving fraud has many resources to protect everyone in your family, including the little ones.
    This site will keep you up-to-date with the latest know how about keeping your information private and avoiding bad business areas. That includes education, ATM and phone scams.
  3. The Hoax-Slayer
    As the name says, this site tackles all the hoaxes, fraudulent emails and scams that are going around the internet today. Simple and clean, you'll be able to easily browse or search for particular stories that you may have experienced or heard about.

Of course besides the nonofficial sources, you can always count on us here at Auto Credit Express to help you avoid online credit scams as we find out about them.

As We See It

At Auto Credit Express, all too often we hear about someone who unfortunately fell victim to the wolves. More often than not, they were able to solve the issue by contacting our credit repair team who then did the hard work for them. But even after recovering from a scam, you still have to move forward and trust again. Here at Auto Credit Express, we've had millions of people put their trust in us for over 20 years. If you're unsure of who to trust when it comes to bad credit auto financing, put your trust in us and we won't let you down.

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