Now that we have moved far, far away from the winter season, drivers have said good riddance to its treacherous snowy and icy road conditions. While snow and ice can make traveling by car more dangerous, perhaps we should be more concerned about the rains of spring and summer. It turns out that more auto related accidents are caused by wet and slippery pavement than by snow and sleet.

The last thing you want to do is crash the car you just bought with your bad credit auto loan. Listed below is some information that you can use to stay safe on the roads during those rainy summer days and nights.

Why are Wet Roads Hazardous Roads?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, over a ten year time span, on average, wet pavement is responsible for 74% of weather-related crashes, while snow and sleet are the cause of only 17% of weather-related crashes.Drivers, Weather, Auto

That's not just water on the roads. Oil and other lubricants drip onto pavement as people drive. Rain loosens the accumulation of these substances, mixes with them and spreads. So, when you are driving after a rain shower, you are moving across a thin film of water, oil and grease that can reduce your traction and cause your car to skid.

Minor "floods" can be problematic. Poorly maintained roads may be littered with potholes that fill with water when it rains. This creates small to large pools that can be difficult to see until a driver runs over one of them and swerves out of control and into other traffic.

Most drivers take wet conditions for granted. Snow and ice have a tendency to make us more cautious on the road. We'll generally reduce our speeds and take fewer risks when it is white outside. However, a lot of drivers pay little mind to soaked highways, going as quickly as they normally would and allowing their minds to wander during commutes.

Cruise control makes this bad condition worse. If you hydroplane (when a tire loses grip on a wet surface) while utilizing cruise control, your car can accelerate to a high rate of speed. This can easily turn what would normally be a regular collision into a high speed collision, so try to avoid using cruise control while it is raining or immediately after.

Is your Car Ready for the Weather?

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