Does the Car or the Loan Come First? Benefits of BHPH Car Loans

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What comes first: the car or the loan? You probably assume that you find your car, request a loan and wait for a response, but buy here pay here car lot loans operate a little differently. Unlike traditional lenders, these lots will work with you upfront, talk to you about your finances and then help you find a great car. Before requesting a loan through your bank or credit union, check out the benefits of buy here pay here car lot loans.

No Down Payment Required

Car or Loan Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Loans Who has money to pay for a high down payment right away? Though you might have just enough cash in the bank to cover the rest of your bills for the month, your bank expects you to find money to make a down payment, and some banks will even ask for that down payment upfront before processing your loan request. Buy here pay here lots know that finding the money for a down payment isn't always easy. You might need a car right away because your primary vehicle just died, but with these car lots, you don't need a down payment. These lenders will let you pay as little or as much as you want on that car when you take it off the lot.

Increase Your Credit Score

Do you need to get your credit score out of the 400s or 500s? Are you tired of checking your score every few months and seeing it plateau? With buy here pay here lots, you have the chance to work on your credit history and improve your score as you pay off your car. These lots send your information to the major credit reporting bureaus, and those bureaus will increase your score with each payment that you make. In just a few short months, you'll see a large increase in your credit score.

More Options for Those with Bad Credit

People with bad credit often feel like lenders judge them for their low scores, but buy here pay here lots know that many people struggle with credit problems. Though these lots will look at your credit score, the lots can still approve you for a car loan even with problem credit where other lenders turned you down. If you have a job, receive regular checks from clients, run your own business or receive checks from another, you qualify for a car.

Multiple Payment Plans Available

Not everyone receives paychecks at the same time every month, but most lenders still require you to make payments every month at the same time. If you make payments even a few days late, you watch your credit score lower and face high fees from your lender. Let's say that your employer pays you on the first and third Friday of the month. When your lender demands payment by the 15th of each month, you might find yourself in between paychecks and unable to pay your loan. Buy here pay here loans give you multiple ways to pay on your loan. You can make payments every month at the same time, make payments every other week or make payments every week. The more payments you make every month, the more your credit score rises.

Your Loan Comes First

What comes first: the car or the loan? If you think that you need to find the right car before requesting a loan, you never worked with a buy here pay here lot before. These car dealerships for people with bad credit don't want you to feel the frustration that comes with finding the car of your dreams and learning that you can't afford that car. One of the main benefits of buy here pay her car lot loans is that you take care of your loan first.

Instead of going out and hunting these dealerships on your own though, Auto Credit Express is here to make the process of purchasing an automobile with damaged credit scores much easier. We require you to fill out a simple, quick auto loan request form and once completed we match you up to the dealership that will be best fit to suit your needs. Once that is done, you can then walk around the lot, learn more about the vehicles that fit in your budget and even take those cars for a test drive. Finding out what cars you can afford will help you find the perfect car for driving to work, running around town and even traveling with your kids. Regardless of your credit or the problems you had with other lenders, you can get a loan from a buy here pay here car lot through Auto Credit Express.
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