When buying a car, lenders want to know that they can rely on you to maintain the monthly payments. That is why if your primary source - or only source - of income is disability, they may have a problem approving you.

Car Loans on Disability

The problem lies in the income you are receiving. Disability, unemployment, workers compensation and retirement are just some examples of income that cannot be garnished. Lenders need to have the ability to garnish your wages in the event that you stop making your loan payments, and they cannot do this with these types of income.
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Even borrowers with a healthy credit history may have difficulty acquiring loan approval, so that means even more trouble if you are a bad credit car buyer.

Make the Car Loan Happen

There are a couple ways you can improve your chances of getting approved for a car loan, even if you are receiving disability payments.

Income from a job.
This additional income may be enough to get a lender to consider approving you for a loan. Also, the time you have been employed can play a beneficial role in the process.

Have a Cosigner.
If you have a relative or close friend that would be willing to share the responsibility of the loan with you, this could be enough for a lender to approve you. You would still be responsible for making on-time payments, but the co-borrower would be the person the lender would look to in the event you stop making them. They would need to have steady, garnishable wages as well as a solid job history and good credit.

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