Michael Smith

Auto Financing Writer

Auto Financing Writer: Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a contributing writer for Auto Credit Express and several other auto financing-related blogs. He is extremely passionate about assisting others in the car-buying process.

Articles Posted By Michael

Will My Bad Credit Always Haunt Me? Will My Bad Credit Always Haunt Me?

For years, I was plagued by my poor credit history. I thought I would never be able to fix it or get approved for a car loan. But once I took control of my situation, I was able to rid myself of the negative financial marks that had been holding me back. I had to learn how to manage my accounts better, and get access to my credit reports so I could see what the lenders saw. I had to be patient, as the results weren't going to happen overnight. During this process, I took the time to learn more about how long different bad credit situations can affect someone.

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Chances of Getting a Car? How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Chances of Getting a Car?

Buying a car is a basic need in today's times. If you're part of the general workforce or have a family, a car is a necessity. For car buyers who have gone through or are currently experiencing a bankruptcy, these needs are no different. However, your credit will be negatively affected. Many car dealerships will have difficulty getting you approved for a loan, if they can at all. With that said, there are some differences and there are options for you.

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