Your vehicle often becomes your own personal space that you can belt out your favorite tunes. A more popular trend is to have your car modded with all the latest tech and decorations. What you may not consider though, is that a lot of these custom changes you make to your automobile can be dangerous or even illegal. Since Auto Credit Express just helped you purchase your vehicle using a bad credit auto loan, we want to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

10 Accessories That Spell Danger

With the help of, we've gathered a list of accessories that some drivers like to have in their cars. While some sound silly, others are pretty common, but their danger can sometimes remain unnoticed until it is too late.

  • Lift Kit
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that top heavy cars flip easier. When you are putting your car, truck or SUV higher up, you are simply changing its center of gravity, which may not work in your favor during high winds or an accident.
  • Colored Fog Lamps
    Some may believe that different colored light can cut through the fog better than others. However this simply is not true. What is a fact though, is how distracting these lights can be to drivers coming towards you.
  • Dash-mounted TVs
    In today's society, we have a hard time being unplugged from all our electronics, even in the car. TV's are a common feature in the back seat, but are now starting to move to the front as well. Several states have already banned these and more are sure to follow.
  • GPS
    These gadgets are as great a help as they are a hazard. Too often drivers are trying to adjust settings on them instead of paying attention to the roads. Have your GPS completely set before you get on the road or pull over when you need to adjust it.
  • Cup Holders
    Sometimes the cup holders in your car console are not large enough for the differently designed bottles and containers that are made today. So adjustable cup holders that attached to your vents become a go to option. However, they can cause quite a problem when you're in an accident and your drink goes flying across the car. Imagine if it's your boiling hot coffee. Yikes!
  • Limo Tints
    While tinting your windows helps block out heat and much of the damaging UV rays, it can also block out your communication with others on the roads and prevent you from being able to see other cars around you more clearly.
  • Black Out Kits
    Another popular trend, especially among sports car owners, is to blackout their headlights or taillights. However, the lights designed so you could be seen for a reason. Driving with dimmed lights at night can make it hard for other drivers to see you at all.
  • Utility Trailers
    According to USA Today, more than one person a day dies in the US from accidents related to utility trailers. Often it's because they were not properly attached to the hitch in the first place. Double check to make sure your trailer is hooked up correctly before taking off down a busy road.
  • In-Car Microwave
    Can you imagine how much easier being stuck in the daily morning traffic jam would be if you could simply heat up your breakfast in the comfort of your own car? Well as awesome as it sounds, it's really not the safest place to use one. Your car should be used for getting to point A to point B; not for becoming your second kitchen.
  • Musical Horns
    Today we are able to customize just about anything we wish. We can choose the music we wake up to on our alarms, the ringtones on our phones, and now even when press your car's horn. However this is not the safest route to go. If you try to get other drivers' attention and the latest Miley Cyrus song comes out of your car instead of the short sharp horn sound we expect, you may not get the attention you need when on the roads.

As We See It

Customizing your vehicle to your tastes is something we all do to some degree. However before making any major changes, ask experts about how the mods may affect not only your driving, but drivers around you. If you have the chance to prevent an accident you should always take it.