You don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to make your car look or run better with aftermarket accessories; instead you can get these products that were introduced at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Aftermarket Accessories Don't have to be Over-the-Top

As the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) automotive aftermarket show wrapped up a few weeks ago, there was definitely a lot of glitz and glamor to see. The Las Vegas Convention Center was filled with tons of custom cars and aftermarket accessories that are sure to amp up your vehicle's style, and your 'cool factor'. Most of the products that were displayed were used to:

  • Make your engine faster
  • Raise the bar on your car's exterior and interior appeal
  • Add the latest top-of-the-line technology to your vehicle

On the other hand, however, there were many suppliers and manufacturers that were displaying their more conventional products and technologies that will help make drivers' lives a little easier. At Auto Credit Express we are all about making the roads safer and offering some good driving tips to keep you and the family safe, but every now and then we like to let loose and tell you about some fun products that could make your car and your drive a little more fun.

Don't Like the Color of Your Car Anymore? Change it Up!

While driving around your town you've probably seen many vehicles with company logos, designs, and advertisements displayed on the side, and you may think to yourself, "Hey, that's pretty cool. Wonder how they do that?" Most of the time it's not actually paint, but an inexpensive adhesive film that acts as a sticker. These stickers are generally easy to put on, won't damage the pain underneath, and won't peel off in extreme temperatures.

These films are often called wraps and they can provide great benefits to people who lease their vehicle. They can prevent sun damage from happening to the original paint, and have a small resistance to dings. Luckily, manufacturers of these wraps have now made them accessible to lessees and other individuals that want to change up the look of their boring old family vehicle. You can get wraps in:

  • Solid colors
  • Multi-colors
  • Patterns
  • Animal prints

Jump Start your Car in a Hurry

During the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV a few car battery manufactures have displayed a jump-start device for your vehicle that is both portable and rechargeable. These boxes are small enough to fit into your glove compartment or center console, and allow you to give your battery a quick recharge in case it dies. This can save you the time and effort of finding and buying the right battery for your car, when it may not need to be replaced.

The jump-start kit comes equipped with a USB port to charge your cell phone or other portable devices and also a built-in LED flashlight to help you find the source of our problem at night. Once you use the device, you can recharge it using a household current of 120-volts, or by a 12-volt car outlet; they usually hold a charge for up to 6 months if it is not used. The device that was introduced at the show was by the manufacturer, Antigravity Batteries, and is called the XP-3; they start at $130. It may seem like a steep price, but given the fact that: you can recharge the device, it's portable, and it can charge your cell phone battery – it seems like a fair price to us.

Monitor your Tire Pressure from Your Phone!

Most of the new cars made today already come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, but what good does that do for the drivers with an older vehicle? Considering keeping your tires correctly inflated is an extremely important part to routine car maintenance and safety, it's very cool that a new aftermarket kit has been released to the public by a few companies like Orion and Steelmate USA.

These kits are easy to install and use a Smartphone to monitor the pressure of your tires. The phone app uses Bluetooth connectivity to monitor and display the pressure of your tires right on your screen, and will turn red, as well as make an audible alert if the pressure is too low. The sensor that you put onto your vehicle replaces the valve cap, has a battery that is good for about one year, and is replaceable. The kit runs for roughly $150 with a free download for the smart phone app. The app for the iPhone is set to release in a few weeks, and an Android version will drop soon after.

Protect your Car with the Paint Defender

As the years go on it's inevitable that your car is going to take a beating in the paint department from:

  • Bugs
  • Sunlight
  • Rocks

The way to defend your vehicle against these things is by using 3M's Paint Defender. Yes, I'm talking about the same company that makes the Command Hooks for your household decorations that come off the wall easily without any damage! Their new product that they displayed at the SEMA show is a canned aerosol spray film that protects your vehicle's paint with a hardened protective transparent layer.

This is for the individual that likes DIY projects. You can get the product from a number of stores like and AutoZone, and it will cost you around $50 – this includes the wax, spray trigger, microfiber towel, masking tape, and a plastic sheet. Unless you drive a small car like a Smart ForTwo, or a Mini Cooper, you may want to purchase an extra bottle of wax spray which is about another $25 as most vehicles require two. Of course, if you're opting to use one of the wraps we mentioned above, the wax is obsolete.

All about the Entertainment

It's almost 2014 and it's safe to say that nearly everyone on the planet over the age of 16 – some way younger – have a smart phone or tablet. NSV Automotive has debuted their Universal Docking Station that connects to any front-seat headrest to keep your rear passengers entertained. The device is made to hold any size electronic device from your iPhone to your iPad. This is great for keeping your kids entertained on a long road trip, or for getting the correct directions when your driver gets a little off track.

The docking station is set to hit store shelves in January of 2014, but if you're really interested you can pre-order one from the NSV Automotive website. The docking station is going to run around $49, but to get the universal holder you will be looking at an additional cost of $99.

As We See It

All of these after-market accessories we have mentioned are brand new and were introduced at the 2013 SEMA show, not to mention, they can really change your driving experience. Whether you're all about upholding the exterior look of your new vehicles with a wrap or wax coating, or you want to know that you have all the technology needed in an emergency — these products can help you. Of course, that isn't true if you don't have a vehicle.

If you are without a car at the moment, don't fret, Auto Credit Express can help you there, too. We have a network of bad credit auto dealerships that can help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs – even if your credit scores are below prime. Apply online today using our online car loan application and you could be driving home in your new car tomorrow and adding your after-market accessories to it before the New Year!