Lease to Own Financing with Poor Credit Lease to Own Financing with Poor Credit

There is certainly nothing wrong with a lease to own vehicle if a borrower's credit is really bad and they have no other alternative. On the other hand, if they can qualify for a subprime loan, the advantages include newer vehicles with lower miles, vehicle warranties that often cover the entire loan term and the chance to reestablish their credit and improve their credit scores.

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What’s a Walk-away Lease? - Banner What’s a Walk-away Lease?

A walk-away lease is an old way of simply saying lease. Also called a “true lease,” or a “closed end” lease, it refers to the type of leased vehicle a lessee turns in when the term is up. Just because low credit makes leasing more difficult, it doesn’t mean getting a walk-away lease is completely out of the picture – you just need to work with the right dealer.

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car saleswoman at dealership Can You Lease a Car with Poor Credit?

There’s a lot of enticing advertising out there about leasing a car that often draws consumers into local dealerships. If you're a bad credit car buyer, however, you're likely to walk away unable to qualify for the deals you expected. Don't let that end your new car dreams – there are dealers who can work with you, you just have to know where to look.

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