Getting around Los Angeles can be a big hassle. Many Angelenos rely on a vehicle to get through their day, but bad credit can make getting a car loan more difficult. Auto Credit Express can help you find a Los Angeles dealer who can get you approved for an auto loan with the help of our large network of special finance dealerships.

How Auto Credit Express Helps

Here at Auto Credit Express, we’re not lenders, but we are experts in bad credit and special financing. While we can’t approve you for a car loan, we can match you with a local dealer who's experienced at handling complicated credit situations.

We can't guarantee the dealership we connect you with is going to be the one you want, but we make sure to use the information you provide to identify one near you that stands to be able to work with your situation.

We take into account your current financial and credit situation, as well as your location. If you have any further questions about our service, check out the Auto Credit Express FAQ page, or you can reach out to us on our contact page.

What Types of Dealers Could I Be Matched With?

Finding a Los Angeles Dealer Who Can Get You Approved for an Auto LoanNow that you know what we can do for you, it's time to learn about the types of dealers you can expect to be matched with if you live in Los Angeles and have bad credit. Our service typically sends consumers to two types of dealerships:

  1. Special finance dealers – These dealerships know bad credit auto financing and work with subprime lenders. If you’re looking to improve your credit over time with a car loan, getting financed through a subprime lender is the way to go. These lenders run credit checks, but also consider outside factors such as income, employment, and residence stability when qualifying you.
  2. Buy here pay here dealers – These dealerships are also lenders, and finance vehicles in-house. This one-stop shop is great for people with bad credit looking for fast financing because many of these dealers don't check your credit. Instead, they base approvals on your income, and typically require a down payment. Because they often don't run credit checks, they may not report your loan or on-time payments to the credit bureaus, which means this type of loan doesn't help you improve your credit score.

Keep in mind that bad credit usually means you’re going to get a higher than average interest rate. You can try and lower it by having a cosigner or making a larger down payment, but it’s not guaranteed to work.

Ready to Start?

No matter where you live in Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the US, Auto Credit Express wants to help you find a dealership who can get you approved for an auto loan. Our service has been matching consumers to local dealers for over 20 years, and you could be next!

Fill out our easy, free, and no-obligation auto loan request form, and we’ll get right to work finding a dealership for you.