If you’re a resident of Los Angeles, you know how expensive the cost of living can be. How much car insurance costs in Los Angeles depends on the level of coverage you're getting and your specific situation. Luckily, we have some tips that could help you save money on auto insurance.

Car Insurance Cost in Los Angeles

How Much Is Car Insurance in Los Angeles?How much is car insurance in Los Angeles? It depends on a few different factors, including your age, vehicle, driving record, where you live, and the level of coverage you want.

However, California is unique in a couple of different ways. In most places, your credit score can influence what you pay for auto insurance, but this practice isn't allowed in California. Additionally, the state of California has removed gender as a factor for determining car insurance rates.

Regardless, California as a whole is consistently in the top 10 for the most expensive auto insurance rates nationwide, while LA is the most expensive city in the state. According to ValuePenguin, the average yearly car insurance premium in Los Angeles in 2019 for a 30-year-old with a clean driving record is $2,257. This is $592 higher than the state’s average of $1,665.

Tips to Lower Your Insurance Rates in LA

If those insurance premium amounts scare you, we have some tips for you to get a more affordable rate. There are some things you can’t control, such as your age, but there are other factors you can control that affect your insurance premium, such as your vehicle choice and driving record.

To save yourself some money on auto insurance in LA, consider these four tips:

  1. Insure multiple cars – Many insurance companies offer discounts if you insure multiple vehicles at the same residence. Or, if you’re a homeowner, you may be able to bundle your auto insurance with your renter’s or homeowner’s policy to save money.
  2. Keep a clean driving record – The cleaner your driving record, the lower the premium you’re likely to qualify for.
  3. Pick a reasonable car – Pick a vehicle that not only fits your everyday needs, but also one that’s reliable and cost-friendly. More expensive vehicles are generally more expensive to insure.
  4. Consider raising deductibles – If you have the money set aside, consider raising your deductibles, which lowers your premium.

Ready to Buy a Car?

You must have full coverage insurance if you want to finance a car in Los Angeles. As we mentioned before, insurance premiums can be costly for LA residents, but there are ways to lower your premium and save some cash. If you’d like to shop around for auto insurance, we can assist with that.

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