If your credit is in bad shape and you need to finance a car, you'll likely run into problems finding a dealership that's willing to help.

Most Dealerships Can't Help People with Poor Credit

Many people require a car to go about their lives, which is why it can be so frustrating when you're having trouble getting approved for an auto loan. The truth of the matter is that not all car dealerships work with car buyers dealing with credit problems, which narrows down your options.

Here are some of the reasons why dealerships can't help applicants with complicated credit situations:

  • Not Signed Up with Right Lenders – Subprime lenders are willing to approve many applicants with bad credit, but their programs are complicated, so not every dealership partners with one (or more) of them.
  • Additional Work in Special Finance – Some dealers don't have the manpower or know-how to process subprime loans. Because of the additional work involved, thanks to the different subprime car loan process, it can be an added strain on a dealership's staff.
  • Inventory Isn't Right – Many dealerships don't carry the right type of inventory that leads to success in special finance. Without the right kinds of cars, they don't bother trying to enter the market.

Thankfully, there are dealerships that are signed up with the right lenders, carry the right inventory, and are special finance experts. You just need to know how to find one.

Finding the Dealership that Can Help You

business handshakeIf you're looking for a dealership that can help people with bad credit car loans, look for one with a special finance department. These are the ones signed up with subprime lenders.

You could go to a buy here pay here (BHPH) dealership, but keep in mind many places that finance buyers in-house don't report loans or loan payments to the credit bureaus. This means you can't use your car loan to improve your credit like you could with a dealership that uses third-party subprime lenders.

So, how do you find one of these dealerships? You don't have to waste the time and energy driving around from dealer to dealer hoping to find one where you can get financed. Auto Credit Express offers a better solution.

How We Can Help You Find Financing

Auto Credit Express is connected to a national network of special finance car dealerships. Using our service, we can match you with a dealer in your area so you can avoid the hassle of locating one on your own.

Our service is free of cost and obligation, so there's nothing holding you back. Get the process started by submitting our secure auto loan request form today.