Keeping warm this winter is important – especially when getting in and out of your car. But in addition to keeping you and your loved ones away from freezing temperatures, there are some other items you need to be aware of that should never be left in a cold car.

What to Not Leave in the Car

smartphone, purseThere are five items every driver should keep out of their car when it’s freezing:

  • Cellphones – If you own a smartphone or similar device, both Apple and Samsung state that their devices aren’t to be stored anywhere that’s below minus four degrees. The minimum temperature to use them at is 32 degrees. That’s because cellphones use lithium-ion batteries which generally aren’t very efficient in extreme weather conditions.
  • Medications – Don’t leave any medications in your vehicle when it’s freezing. The general rule of thumb is to store medications in a place that’s between 68 and 77 degrees. Just make sure you read the prescription’s storage instructions.
  • Pop or beer – Canned pop and beer are notorious for expanding and exploding under freezing temperatures. Pop will freeze at around 30 degrees, and beer at around 27 degrees. If you want to prevent a sticky situation, keep the canned pop and beer out of the car this winter.
  • Canned food – Similar to canned drinks, canned food can also expand and explode when freezing.
  • Musical instruments – If you’re a parent with a kid who plays a musical instrument, be advised that the cold will damage those expensive instruments. Woodwind instruments can crack, and ice can form on brass if it’s left exposed for too long.

While these items shouldn't be kept in your vehicle during freezing weather, there are a few things you should always have in your car: tire changing supplies, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a first aid kit, to name a few.

Don’t Let the Cold Turn You Away

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