Even buyers with credit problems can receive a free credit score to help them determine if they meet certain auto financing qualifications
Better Karma for your Credit
The best things

The best things in life are not always free but for once this is true even for car shoppers with less than perfect credit.

At Auto Credit Express we certainly know about those things that aren't free, especially for consumers with car credit issues that we've been helping for more than twenty years. But in addition to our no-cost service for locating a dealer that can arrange for approved auto loans, there's something else these folks can get at no charge.

Credit Karma

As far as free things are concerned, one credit report per year from each of the major bureaus falls into this category. But practically everything else, including FICO scores, requires coughing up a few bucks.

For credit scores, that usually involves signing up for a service or combination of services offered by one of the three credit bureaus costing $15 per month or more.

It was also the only game in town until San Francisco-based CreditKarma.com came onto the scene. Here is how the company explained back in

December of 2008:

Credit Karma, a resource that helps empower consumers to actively manage their financial health, today announced an agreement with TrueCredit.com, a leading provider of credit reports and consumer credit education, that will enable consumers to obtain their TransUnion credit scores at no cost. Both companies believe that it is more important than ever to provide consumers with the tools and information to better understand how lenders are evaluating them.

"We are proud to partner with TrueCredit.com to provide consumers with the chance to access their score for free," said Kenneth Lin, founder and CEO of Credit Karma. "Credit scores are a window into one's financial health, and Credit Karma remains committed to giving consumers free access to that score as well as educating them about the tools they can use to understand it."

The catch

As this particular FICO score only comes from TransUnion, you need to remember that your credit scores can vary from bureau to bureau, so those from Equifax and Experian could be different from the one you receive through Credit Karma.

There is one other small catch: in order to receive your score from Credit Karma you have to endure marketing offers from various companies that are based on your credit score in order to view the results.

To obtain your free TransUnion credit score from Credit Karma, visit their web site at: http://www.creditkarma.com/.

The Bottom Line

While it's not perfect, one free credit score is certainly better than none and it should give you at least an idea of where you stand, credit-wise.

Another free service mentioned earlier can be found at Auto Credit Express where we help people that have credit issues find a dealer for their best chance at approved auto loans.

So if this is you and you're serious about getting your auto credit back on track, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.