If your credit is damaged, you may be having some trouble getting approved for an auto loan. And while you're aware of the fact that having a cosigner would improve your potential to be financed, you are hesitant about asking anyone to assume that kind of responsibility for you. Luckily, there are a few other options to consider.

Take Some Time to Mend Your Credit

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If you don't need to buy a car right now, you could devise and implement a credit repair strategy. And by sticking to your plan, you may only need to wait a few months before you're able to purchase a vehicle on your own.

  • Prioritize your debt. Would you rather pay off smaller balances first in order to see results more quickly, or start off by attacking larger accounts to stop them from getting even bigger? Either way, get your payment plan organized and commit yourself to your goals.
  • Keep current bills current. While you're working on correcting past mistakes, you don't want to get behind on what you owe right now. Make a monthly budget that accommodates all of your recurring debt, and pay your lenders on time, every time.
  • Explore credit building tools. Secured credit cards are a great, virtually risk-free way to boost your score. With these cards, you establish an account with your own money to "borrow" from. You then make purchases with the card, and your timely payments on those purchases are reported to the credit bureaus. Also, if you rent your home or apartment, you can sign up for Level Credit. This service reports your rent payments to the credit bureaus, giving your credit rating a boost just for making your rent on time.

Go to a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

If you have bad credit and need a car immediately, a buy here pay here lot may be the right solution. These dealerships base your approval worthiness on your income, and typically don't even check your credit. And more and more BHPH companies are now regularly reporting positive payment behavior to the bureaus. So, you may be able use this convenient method to purchase your vehicle, and start building your credit in order to make approval for you next auto loan much easier to secure.

Consult the Auto Financing Experts

If you've been turned down for financing by banks and credit unions, Auto Credit Express may still be able to help. Regardless of what your credit situation looks like, we can probably find a loan solution that works for you.

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