Even though many (if not most) of us are dutifully staying at home during this global time of uncertainty in light of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, situation, some of us still need to leave the house. Whether it’s going to work, the grocery store for essentials, or a drive to the park to walk the dog, all of these things mean getting in and out of your car. Here are some tips for cleaning your car to reduce the risk and stop the spread of coronavirus so this can be done safely.

How Clean Is Your Car?

With that being said, when was the last time you cleaned your car? We don’t mean giving it a once over with the vacuum and throwing out any trash, either. Any surface you touch out in public has the potential to carry coronavirus. This could mean it can get in your vehicle, as well.

However, you can eliminate the spread of coronavirus by giving your car a thorough cleaning, and disinfecting the surfaces you come in contact with.

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle should be part of your normal maintenance routine. This can help keep the various surfaces in better condition, which only helps you in the long run. Besides, who doesn’t like to drive a clean car?

What Works Best to Disinfect?

When it comes to keeping your car disinfected, the good news is that you may already be doing what's best for killing viruses on the surfaces of your vehicle. The secret formula? Good old-fashioned soap and water.

If you use products designed to keep your car clean, such as Armor All, you’re likely already using a product that can help you stop the spread of COVID-19: detergent. If you’re using products that are free of detergents, or if they’re solvent-based, they can’t help kill the virus – but a detergent can.

Make sure to focus on all the areas you touch regularly: the steering wheel, seat belts, infotainment/stereo systems, buttons and knobs, gear shift lever, turn signal lever, light switches, window buttons and door levers, trunk release and handle, the gas cap and gas door, etc. Don’t forget about your rearview mirror – especially if someone else drives the vehicle, too.

How to Clean Your Car for CoronavirusSome things you can do to help protect yourself and your car from the virus sticking around:

  • Wash your hands before entering your vehicle.
  • Keep cleaners and gloves in your car.
  • Wipe down everything you put in your vehicle with Lysol or Clorox wipes (follow directions on packaging).
  • Wear latex gloves or use a paper towel at the gas pump.
  • Avoid letting others enter your car (unless you’re quarantining with them).
  • If you have cloth seats, spray them with Lysol after cleaning the rest of the surfaces.
  • If you have a leather interior, use a leather conditioner, or a moisturizing cleanser before spraying with Lysol.

Keeping these tips in mind can help keep you, and your loved ones safe from germs, bacteria, and viruses – not just coronavirus, but the common cold and flu, as well.

Do You Need a Car You Can Keep Clean?

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