The latest program from Castrol could help used car buyers including those with less than perfect credit

Our Take

Latest Castrol Program for Used Car Buyers

At Auto Credit Express, experience has taught us that the majority of car buyers with bad credit will choose to finance a used car. This makes sense because they're not only more affordable than new cars, used cars are, as a whole, more reliable than ever.

But even though they're more reliable, we still recommend either buying one that's been certified by the manufacturer or, if it isn't certified, purchasing a service contract that covers the entire term of the loan.

With that in mind, we received a press release from lubricant supplier Castrol earlier today that described a new program that could give used car buyers even more peace of mind.

Castrol Protection Plus program

Only available to franchised new car dealerships that sell Castrol products, Castrol Protection Plus (CPP) offers a 'Forever' limited engine warranty simply by installing and performing regular maintenance with Castrol EDGE Professional full-synthetic motor oil every 6 months or 5,000 miles.

Buyers who purchase a used car covered by the program also receive 24-hour emergency Roadside Assistance from Nation Safe Drivers (NSD), which is extended by 6 months every time they go back to the dealer and get a Castrol EDGE Professional oil change.

Making it easier to stay with the plan, vehicle owners receive e-mail reminders to schedule their service appointment at the selling dealership to keep their coverage active.

Credit-challenged car buyers interested in the program need to understand a number of points:

  • Not every new car dealer participates in Castrol's CPP program
  • Castrol EDGE Professional is a premium synthetic motor lubricant that retails for $8-$10 a quart – roughly twice the price of conventional motor oil
  • The Castrol Protection Plus program is not a substitute for a used car service contract as it only provides limited coverage for internally lubricated engine parts

The Bottom Line

The Castrol Protection Plus program can give used car buyers additional peace of mind. Buyers with credit issues, however, should keep in mind that it's not available at all dealerships, oil changes will be more expensive, and it doesn't take the place of a certified used car warranty or used car service contract. The additional cost could be an especially sore point for people with bad credit auto loans who are already having trouble meeting ends.

One more tip: Auto Credit Express matches applicants that have experienced car credit problems with dealers that can offer them their best opportunities for auto loan approvals.

So if you're ready to establish your credit, you can begin now by filling out our online car loan application.