With the steady increase in used vehicle sales, borrowers should make sure that they’re getting what they’re paying for. A great way to do this is with a vehicle history report. The most common name that pops to mind may be a good resource, but it can also be a costly one. Enter VinCheck.info, the cost-free way to check the VIN on your next used car.

Know the History of Your Used Car

VinCheck.info is a free vehicle research service that hopes to meet the demand for a free Carfax alternative. According to Edmunds' 2018 Used Car Report, the used vehicle sales market is continuing to show strong growth this year. In fact, 10.6 million used car sales were recorded in the first quarter of 2018. That’s a 1.5 percent increase over 2017, helped along by trade-in volume, which has also increased three percent from last year.

Some of the most popular used cars are three-year-old off-lease vehicles. Right now, that means many of the almost four million vehicles leased in 2015 are now back on the lots and ready to buy. According to Edmunds, 24 percent of the used car sales in Q1 of 2018 were from three-year-old lease turn-ins.

Why Get a Vehicle History Report?

Due to the nature of used vehicles, there’s a potential for issues to arise, which could equal losses for unsuspecting buyers. To help curb this, a vehicle history report can give you the peace of mind you need to know you’re making a smart choice in cars.

Typically, you’d have to buy a vehicle history report, but VinCheck.info is providing this service for free. When you get the vehicle identification number (VIN), checking it can help you identify existing VIN-associated records for problems with a car you’re thinking of buying.

Looking for a Free Carfax Report? Try VinCheck Instead Some of the information you can get from a vehicle history report includes:

  • Title status
  • Sales records
  • Liens
  • Odometer readings
  • Lemon designation
  • Service and repair documents
  • History of theft
  • Accident reports

The goal of VinCheck.info is to help solve the problem of people losing money on problem pre-owned cars. After all, a big part of what attracts people to used vehicles is the savings they can get. Over the past year of providing this free service, people have discovered some interesting things about used cars.

According to VinCheck.info, of the over 650,000 vehicles that were checked in the past 12 months...

  • One in every five cars checked had a salvage title.
  • One in every 15 vehicles checked had a rebuilt title.
  • One in every 25 cars checked had been in an accident.
  • One in every 50 vehicles had odometer issues.
  • One in every 100 cars checked had reported flood damage.

Need to Know Where to Go for Your Next Car?

If you’ve already found a used car you’re interested in, don’t forget to get all the facts by using VinCheck.info to pull a free vehicle history report. If you haven’t found the right used car and you’re ready to finance while building your credit, Auto Credit Express wants to help. Our free, no-obligation service can match you with a local special finance dealership.

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