People with bad credit may be wondering if they can do a sign and drive for a bad credit car loan.

Sign and Drive Loans with Bad Credit

Sign and Drive for a Bad Credit Car LoanThere are hundreds of websites on the internet vying for your attention if you are credit-challenged and you're hoping to finance your next car with a bad credit car loan.

The best of these sites, such as, try to provide consumers with the information they need in order to make educated decisions about the kind of loan they should choose (such as a tote the note loan versus a bad credit auto loan).

The reasoning behind this is simple: a bad decision at this time could result in a loan these people can't afford, which could turn into in a repossession that could lower their credit scores even further.

One of the many questions our customer service department receives here at Auto Credit Express is whether or not people with bad credit can do a sign and drive. Since we help people find second chance car loans, we though that it was about time we tried to explain sign and drive auto loans.

What Sign and Drive Means

The term “sign and drive” actually refers to a lease program that enables the buyer to enter into the lease by paying only the state taxes and title and license fees up front when picking up the car.

Normally, lease terms require the first monthly payment, plus a security deposit, be paid in addition to these fees as part of what is known in the leasing business as up-front fees or “up-fronts.”

Bad Credit Sign and Drive Loans

The majority of bad credit car loans are for buying, not leasing a vehicle. But in addition to leasing hardly being available to bad credit consumers, it should also be noted that the “sign and drive” option, itself, is usually reserved only for the best leasing customers.

Because of this double whammy, most bad credit auto loan customers won't qualify for any type of sign and drive program.

The Alternatives to Sign and Drive Loans

While sign and drive is almost certainly not an option for most credit-challenged consumers, there are alternatives out there that can help you rebuild your credit so that eventually you may very well qualify for sign and drive lease.

As We See It

Don't be discouraged if you can't qualify for a sign and drive lease right now. Although you may have made some mistakes in the past, the bad credit auto loan process should be looked upon as a stepping stone to better credit. By financing a car and making your payments on time, you can use this type of loan as a step in reestablishing your auto credit and raising your FICO scores.

Auto Credit Express has helped thousands of people with bad, blemished, bruised, and tarnished credit buy cars and reestablish their auto credit at the same time. Our nationwide network of affiliate dealers specializes in bad credit car loans. If you're serious about getting your credit back on track, you can begin the process right now by filling out our secure auto loan request form online.

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