Although today's vehicles are nowhere near what the color cartoons of our childhood had predicted, your car can do a lot more than you may realize. It can learn. The computer in your automobile does more than just function as a radio or GPS or phone. No, today's vehicles can learn your habits and your likes. It can predict your destinations and what radio station you like; even what temperature you want the cabin. Best yet, our team here at Auto Credit Express wants you to know that this technology isn't just limited to the vehicles that only the rich and famous can afford.

What Your Car Knows About You

It's 8 AM, you turn on your vehicle and the helpful screen switches on and welcomes you. The heat is already turned to 75 degrees, the route for the kids' school mapped out, and the radio is tuned to their favorite station. It's all set up for you without you having to do so from the computer's memory. This may not sound like a huge benefit at first, but consider the amount of time that you'll save not having to mess with all the options first thing in your vehicle. Not to mention, it would know when your normal route has problems and makes suggestions so you don't get stuck in traffic. What can else can these computers do for you?

  • Ford's hybrid vehicles learn your driving habits and store this information to improve mileage. For instance, when you are close to home, it can switch to electric since it knows it will be getting a charge and save you gas.
  • Your vehicle can learn how you drive and either adapt to it, or make suggestions. For example: it sets a schedule of when it will be recharged or refueled, thus knowing exactly how much energy it has left and can either conserve or use more based on that information.

Today's Tomorrow

Perhaps we'll see standard flying cars or maybe even warp drive in the future, but today is already becoming advanced in ways most of us had not thought of. As we learn more about each of these technological features, we are able to improve them more and more performance wise and price wise. This means that everyday these amazing features become more available in the most affordable vehicles today. Auto Credit Express can help you get one of these cars out on the road today! Our quick application is a breeze to complete, and soon you'll be contacted by our team of professionals who want to help you get into the vehicle you need. Take a chance on your future and apply today!