Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its Hot Wheels report, identifying the top 10 most stolen vehicles across the US. While the past few years have seen slight increases in theft, records haven’t shown improved numbers like these for 50 years.

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicle in the US

In 2017, like previous years, thousands of cars across the nation were stolen by thieves because they represent easy targets. These thefts are a result of owners who, for whatever reason, have left keys or fobs in the vehicles. Easy marks are often targeted, which is why there are a number of older cars being stolen. These are typically models that don’t include some of the more effective anti-theft technology that comes standard in newer models.

Even with a small rise in vehicle theft over the past few years, newer anti-theft technology appears to be somewhat successful. According to the NICB, “Even with the slight increases in the last few years, the national vehicle theft problem today is at levels not seen since 1967.”

Here’s a look at 2017’s most stolen cars:

  • Honda Civic – 45,062 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 1998
  • Honda Accord – 43,764 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 1997
  • Ford Pickup – 35,105 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2006
  • Chevrolet Pickup – 30,058 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2004
  • Toyota Camry – 17,278 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2017
  • Nissan Altima – 13,358 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2016
  • Toyota Corolla – 12,337 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2016
  • Dodge Pickup – 12,004 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2001
  • GMC Pickup – 10,865 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2017
  • Chevrolet Impala – 9,487 thefts, most popular model year stolen: 2008

The NICB Hot Wheels Mission

The Hot Wheels report presented by the NICB looks at data submitted to the National Crime Information Center each year from local law enforcement, and determines the number of vehicles stolen by make, model, and model year.

Their goal is to help people see the costly economic hardship car theft can be for victims. They also strive to help people reduce the occurrence of theft by using their “Layers of Protection” model, which pinpoints four factors that can help people keep their vehicles out of the hands of criminals.

The NICB suggests you put these four things into practice to prevent your car from being stolen:

  • Improved Technology Leading to Lower Car TheftsCommon Sense: Many thefts happen because owners make their vehicles easy targets. Always remember to lock your car and take your keys with you.
  • Warning Device: Believe it or not, visual and audible warning devices work. Thieves are much less likely to take a vehicle with a blaring alarm and flashing lights that may alert someone to the situation.
  • Immobilizing Device: If someone can’t start your car, chances are they can’t steal it. Using fuel cut-offs, smart keys, and ignition “kill” switches can be very effective.
  • Tracking Device: Tracking devices help authorities recover stolen vehicles. This is a device that emits a signal to the police or to a monitoring station if a car is stolen. Some systems combine GPS and wireless technologies that allow the vehicle to be monitored, tracked, and, hopefully, found.

Even with all the safety measures possible, there’s no guarantee you can protect your car from being stolen. Hopefully, you never have to make a claim on your insurance due to a stolen vehicle.

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