If you want to end the typical cycle of going to a dealership and being denied, then get your financing before ever test-driving a car.

At Auto Credit Express, that's just what we help you do. To find out more about why you need financing first and how we can help you get that, keep reading!

Finance First, Buy Second

When can I Open an Auto Loan?

Why You Need Financing Before You Buy

The hardest part about buying a car is finding the financing you need. It makes a lot of sense to get this out of the way before you ever look at a car.

It's much easier to do this than you may imagine. How? Well for starters, we can find you the kinds of dealers that will focus on your financing first.

When you meet with these special financing dealers, they will first find out exactly how much you're approved for and then take you out on to the lot to find new or used vehicles that fit your budget.

When you can guarantee how much you'll be able purchase a vehicle with, it makes it a much less stressful event in your life. You can think more clearly about the vehicle that will suit your needs best and even enjoy the experience while you're at it.

How to Get Financed First

Finding a dealer that can finance you first will take you less than three minutes.

At Auto Credit Express, we've built a nationwide network of special financing dealers. That's why when you complete our quick and easy application; we can find the right dealer for you in your local area!

So if you're ready to end the foreboding cycle that usually takes place at a dealership, try something new for you and proven hundreds of times over for others. We're here to improve your quality of life and it all starts with three minutes of your time.