Like many with poor or damaged credit, you may have had to go with your third or fourth choice when it came to buying a used car, truck or SUV. Because of this, you also may have had to sacrifice some of the modern standards that you initially wanted. Is there a way to gain any of those features back through third party options, such as iPod/mp3 capability, GPS systems or hands free phone systems?

While no cheap third party options will make things completely wireless for you, it will allow you to have some of the features that many of today's drivers have.

Finding iPod & mp3 compatibility

If your car is a 2007 model or later, you likely have an auxiliary input jack on the front of your car stereo. If so, having access to your music library is as simple as buying a cord that plugs into that jack from the headphone output on your iPod or mp3 player. If you lack this easily accessible port, don't fret – there are other ways to integrate this into your vehicle.

Another option is an FM Transmitter. When plugged into the iPod headphone out jack, it turns the information into an analog radio signal and you pick a frequency for it. In large cities, empty frequencies may be hard to locate and the sound quality will vary depending on the strength of the signal. In order to get the best quality signal you will have to get an FM Modulator that can be wired to the car antenna, but the drawback to this is that you will need to remove the radio to install it.

GPS and Hands Free phone systems are becoming a standard

  • GPS Systems - Days of the paper map are fading, and more and more people are turning to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for navigation. If your vehicle didn't include this, there are units you can buy at the store. The biggest issue for the non-integrated system is there typically is no optimal spot to place it. Your front windshield is a terrible spot for it, since it impedes driver visibility. If your dashboard is relatively clear, you may be able to place it there. However, make sure that whatever mounting system you use for it is secure enough to keep it in place in the event of a collision.
  • Hands Free phone systems - This one can be somewhat costly. Most aftermarket adapter kits start at around $200. You can either plug it into your cigarette lighter or have it installed by a professional. If not done by a qualified technician, any system that requires disassembly of the dashboard could void the used car warranty

We'll Help You Get the Best Used Car;

Here at Auto Credit Express, we understand the need for those with low credit to have the same amenities that drivers with good credit have, and these are some options that could help you. Just remember that whatever choices you make, be sure to make them safely and always make attentive driving your #1 priority. Those gadgets won't do you much good otherwise.