For those who love to listen to music, the iPod was a revolutionary step forward in the way you experienced music. It allowed many to take their entire music collection wherever they go, including their cars, trucks and SUVs.

There is one problem though – for some, playing an iPod in older model cars is almost impossible. I say "almost" because those who cant just haven't found the right adapter to do so yet. So, here are some tips on how to play an iPod in your car without an AUX jack.

Making your music mobile – playing the iPod in your older model vehicle

In 2007, it seemed like the auxiliary input jack became a standard for factory car stereos. It made it incredibly simple for you to have your music library at your fingertips. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy this in older model vehicles as well:


  • FM Transmitter: A small device that when plugged into the iPod headphone out jack, converts the digital information into an analog radio signal and you pick a low output radio frequency for it on your car stereo. In large cities, these empty frequencies can be hard to locate and the sound quality will vary depending on the strength of the signal.
  • FM Modulator: This unit is hard-wired to the car antenna, but the drawback to this is that you will need to remove the radio to install it. However, it will give you the best signal from the iPod to the stereo. Professional installation is recommended.
  • Cassette Adapter: Remember the cassette adapters for CD players before they became standard issue? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, these adapters look like cassette tapes and fit in the tape player. There is a cord attached that you plug into you iPod or portable mp3 device. The quality of the sound will be okay if you are used to the sound of cassettes. If you want the pristine clarity of what CDs and digital music have to offer, this option may be lacking in that department.

Find the choice that works best for your budget and your ears

So, when you finally find the option that suits your car, turn it up and enjoy. Of course, you might be ready to look for a more current used car – one that has more of the amenities of todays cars, trucks and SUVs. We here at Auto Credit Express are here to help you get into that sweet ride you are looking for. Even if you have bad credit, we have a large network of bad credit auto dealers who are just waiting to sell you a vehicle. Get started today, by filling out our online application.