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Will Applying at Multiple Dealerships Hurt My Credit? Will Applying at Multiple Dealerships Hurt My Credit?

For those with spotless credit, shopping around for an auto loan isn’t that big of a deal. But when you have credit that is less than perfect or in recovery, you should be more concerned about submitting a bunch of applications. When you submit a loan application, the dealership Finance and Insurance, or F&I, department will check your credit. This is known as a hard credit inquiry. When you are looking for a car, the credit agencies know that you will want to shop around, so any auto loan inquiries that take place within a 14 to 45 day window will only count as one, and typically won't negatively affect your score.

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Can I Roll My Previous Car Loan Into a New Loan? Can I Roll My Previous Car Loan Into a New Loan?

One of the most challenging things for car buyers is when a situation arises where the current car becomes either unsatisfying or unaffordable. What can you do when you need to get a new car even though you still owe money on the one you currently own? The fastest solution is to roll the negative equity (what you still owe) into the new car loan. While some dealers will allow you to do this, there are a few factors you need to consider, such as the remaining balance on the current loan, and the quality of your credit.

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Can I Get a Car Loan If I am on Disability? Can I Get a Car Loan If I am on Disability?

When buying a car, lenders want to know that they can rely on you to maintain the monthly payments. That is why if your primary source - or only source - of income is disability, they may have a problem approving you. The problem lies in the income you are receiving. Disability, unemployment, workers compensation and retirement are just some examples of income that cannot be garnished. Lenders need to have the ability to garnish your wages in the event that you stop making your loan payments, and they cannot do this with these types of income. There are a couple ways you can improve your chances of getting approved for a car loan, even if you are receiving disability payments.

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