Picking the most reliable car for your teen driver can be a challenge. It can get even more complicated when there’s new technology involved. Which features and add-ons would you consider for your teen driver?

Four Technologies that Help Teen Drivers

car infotainment screenMost of the time, teens get help from their parents since most won’t qualify for an auto loan by themselves. At the same time, some of the best cars for teens are used cars, and they’re even better when equipped with modern safety technologies.

According to CBT Automotive Network and various research by car manufacturers, there are four main driver safety features parents are looking into for their teen driver:

  • Speed limiters – One of the most recent advanced technologies to hit the automotive market is speed limitation devices. Chevrolet found that 79 percent of parents wanted to monitor their teen’s driving habits, and this includes monitoring their speed. Car makers such as Ford and Hyundai have speed limitation technology in their 2017 models. Parents, or drivers, can set speed warnings at specific mph rates, and change the maximum speed the vehicle can travel.
  • Driving reports – Teaching driver safety is critical for teen drivers, and parents have expressed the need to keep track of their teen’s driving habits. GM currently has a feature that can pull up a driving report on a specific driver. Within this data, the user can see the maximum speed, distance driven, and how often safety features have been used. Teens will continue to learn after obtaining their driver’s license, and parents are very interested in having reports that detail their teen’s actions behind the wheel.
  • Advanced cameras – For many years, even drivers without teens have been fans of cameras in their vehicles. Backup cameras are now mandatory for all vehicles produced after May 2018, and parents are looking into 360-degree cameras for their new drivers. Cameras that can see all around the car and eliminate blind spots add to the safety of the vehicle. Teens are more likely to be in auto accidents than experienced drivers, and having multiple cameras puts the driver and parent at ease.
  • Technology that prepares for the worst – If a parent’s teen driver gets in an accident, the first thing they’ll want to know is if they’re okay and where they are. While AAA and other roadside services can help out in emergencies, the fear of a teen driver not being able to contact someone for help has been a concern for parents. Technology such as GM’s OnStar service is able to immediately call for help once it detects that the vehicle has been in an accident, and can notify emergency services where the vehicle is located.

Keep Your Teen Safe

Teenagers are all about modern technologies, and some of these technologies in cars have been known to prevent accidents. Discuss driver safety on the road with your teen, and walk through any and all safety technologies that the car they’ll be driving has.

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