Planning on taking a trip somewhere? According to the latest Auto Index from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance), there's a good chance that you'll be driving. It appears that ever-increasing airport restrictions are inspiring more and more travelers to hit the open road.

Numbers Reveal Popularity of Road Trips

A recent consumer survey conducted by Auto Alliance seemed to indicate that many Americans are fed up with airlines, and this is hardly surprising. The security measures employed at airports can be invasive and stressful. And it seems that alternative travel options remain wildly unpopular.

  • 60% prefer driving.
  • 27% choose to fly.
  • 4% take trains.

With this slightly incomplete data, it can only be assumed that 9% of Americans either take buses to their destinations or are passionate walkers.

Best Practices for Long Distance Driving

If you intend to travel more than 300 miles in your car to get to your destination, the best thing to remember is that there's no such thing as too much planning. Being properly prepared for your trip will ensure that you stay safe, have fun and won't spend a ton of money.

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  • Fuel Economy: Yes, gas prices have been fairly reasonable for a little while now, but you still want to be conservative where fuel is concerned. During your drive, try to make as few stops along the way as possible. You can also research the best gas prices on your route, and plan to refuel strategically. And if you normally drive a larger vehicle, you may want to consider renting a smaller, fuel-efficient car for your travels.
  • Crowded Roads: With more people choosing to drive, there will naturally be more people out on the roads. If possible, try to plan your trip around peak travel hours, so that your commute will be less congested. It is also a good idea to practice good road etiquette, meaning that you should make an effort to stay calm and patient even when driving conditions are not optimal. Remember that letting off steam may feel good for a second, but it isn't worth getting yourself involved in an accident on your vacation.
  • Packing Right: When taking a road trip, your drive time can be part of the fun. Spending a long time in the car doesn't have to be unpleasant. Make sure that you bring along music that everyone can enjoy. Having sufficient snacks and drinks available will mean having to spend less on pricey gas station items. And if you have kids with you, pack small toys, reading and books, and crayons to keep the littlest travelers amused. Singing songs, playing games and making up stories are also great ways to make travel time more enjoyable for children.

Is Your Car Ready for Adventure?

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