Myth (noun): A widely held but false belief or idea.
Bust (verb): Cause to collapse; defeat utterly

Car Myths - Busted

Busting the Myths – Auto Credit Express Style

When it comes to the accessibility of information, the digital age has made it easier to have the vast supply of information at your fingertips. Ever need information on if you can really save money by buying on a rainy day? Or if closing old credit accounts is actually good for your credit score? Open the browser on your iPhone or Android. With all of this information to sift through, it becomes difficult to tell fact from fiction.

While information can empower you, it can only truly do so if you are getting the right information.

Throughout the month of September, the team here at Auto Credit Express is going to bring you some top quality myth busting in the world of all things auto. We will bust the myths on all the integral aspects of bad credit, car financing, buying and maintenance.

Myths We'll Be Covering

Find out the shocking answers to these myths and more:

  • I need to have debt to establish bad credit.
  • Car Lemon Laws cover any vehicle that is sold on a lot.
  • Your sales rep is lying when he says he needs to “talk to the manager.”
  • You need to warm up your car before driving.

Be revealed of the truth that is constantly being buried. Bust the myth! Get informed and become one with the fact, because you deserve to walk into a dealership with confidence-- you are the customer after all. Stay tuned to ACE for more mind blowing myth busting facts every Thursday this September. If you like what we have to say, don’t forget to tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We would love to hear your feedback.